Building Blocks

Incomplete list of open-source software LedgLive is built with

  • Node.js JavaScript runtime
  • SQLite SQL database engine
  • Knex.js SQL builder
  • Objection.js Object-relational mapping tool (ORM) for Node.js built on Knex.js. Also provides additional relational data tools and will stay out of the way to allow full use of SQL.
  • React JavaScript library for building user interfaces
  • GraphQL API language
  • Apollo Client GraphQL state management library for JavaScript and React
  • GraphQL Code Generator to generate code from GraphQL schema and operations, using typescript-resolvers with Node.js for server and using TypedDocumentNode with React for client. Both make working with GraphQL easy in practice
  • React Redux React bindings for Redux state container for JS Apps.
  • Express web framework for Node.js
  • ReactTable headless data table hook for React
  • Pkg Node.js binary compiler
  • Numerous Node.js NPM packages
  • Various layout and styling software

How robust is the database?

Keeping your data in a robust database is important but this is not the only consideration

SQLite is the default database. PostgresSQL is supported as an option to use instead. Because Knex.js is used as an intermediate layer, other databases should be usable also. SQLite is possibly the most widely deployed software ever. You likely have numerous deployments on your phone and PC. Sqlite got battle hardened after getting incorporated into Android. PostgresSQL was the only widely deployed database that would not crash with corner case testing. Their attitude to this achievement was ‘try harder’.

LedgLive testing

LedgLive does not yet include formal test software.

Programming languages used

Software used for other purposes

Code editor and other tools