Video 2: Simple Ledger Entry

LedgLive Video 2: Simple ledger entry

More details in Video 3

2. Simple Ledger Entry video on YouTube

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Scene 1

Set opaltrader sample dates as:

Red box around three date setters, indicating dates to set

Scene 2

‘New’ Ledger creates and moves to a new ledger entry with no journal entries and a new ledger ID ‘Row+’, click twice, creates two new journal entries, default account as per ‘select entity & account’

Red boxes around ‘New’ and ‘Row+’ buttons

Scene 3

When finished adding or changing a ledger description, YOU MUST PRESS ENTER

Red box around ‘Change Ledger Description’ text entry box

Scene 4

  1. Click on top journal line (lower red box) to make active for ‘assign account’ change box with enter.
  2. ‘Credit Card’ is correct. Just type Escape to make next journal line active and bypass change.
  3. ‘Other Expenses’ is already correct. Can just type enter straight away. Typing to show choices. Drop down added window does not show in video. Enter to choose same account name from drop down.
  4. Enter again to change active journal line to ‘Other Expenses’. Only one enter needed if no change

Box around first ‘Enter assigns, type searches’ box


Typing in ‘account assign’ box searches accounts of entity. Enter selects an account for assignment. Once chosen, another enter changes ‘Account Title’ of active journal line and makes next journal line active. Escape just moves. So if you start a search you will need two enters to apply to journal line, not one. A journal line is active if ‘Account Title’ text is selected and ‘assign account is in focus.

Scene 4a

Scene 4 with

Box around first journal entry with extra box around ‘Account Title’ and ‘Entity’

Scene 4b

Scene 4 with

Box around second journal entry with extra box around ‘Account Title’ and ‘Entity’

Scence 5

The rest of data entry is like an Excel spreadsheet (enter, tab, up arrow, down arrow or escape) with one exception: data entry must be followed by enter, tab, up arrow or down arrow. Hence you do not need escape to cancel an entry. Other videos to show using automatic tax and inter entity data entry