Extensible journal to ledger recording and reporting for very small entities and individuals.


LL (LedgLive) v0.1.6 features:

Extensible API

Extend GraphQL API or REST API. The reporting API to be open-sourced.

Multiple Entities

Multiple entities and individuals allowed with double balanced transfers between them.

Tax Laws Compliance

Consumption tax: auto calculate and fill, or manually fill, records such as VAT, GST and state law taxes. Private use proportions recording for entities.

Jurisdiction Independent Data Entry

Web based data entry interface to local server is largely independent of jurisdiction.

Data Entry Features

Custom designed UI to make data entry quick and convenient. UI additions can be made to simplify data entry for established processes (future).

Bank Statement Reconciliation

Option to easily show dual account balances, with and without unreconciled transactions

Jurisdictional Reporting

How reporting is coded largely decides jurisdiction suitability. An example of a network use CLI for report generation is provided, with reporting (including tax) specifically for use in Australia, but easily adapted for use elsewhere.

Reporting Features

Coding with a network use CLI makes report coding easier. Example of report coding to automatically check ledger balance consistency and inter entity transfer consistency. Reporting will optionally check and attempt to correct equity/retained earnings with an automatic database adjustment.

Databases And Normalised Caching ⚡️

The default database is SQLite and its file is created automatically. The server will also allow a PostgreSQL database to be used instead. Automatic use of normalised caching and cache first policy to reduce network traffic and round trip lag.

Easy Server Install

LedgLive is a server for LANs and virtual LANs (VPNs). The server is very easily installed because it embeds its runtime (Node.js). Binaries for x64 Windows, Linux and macOS provided.

Scaleable With Optimisation

LedgLive takes advantage of processing capacity of current CPUs to keep its database tables and relations simple and takes advantage of sophisticated cutting edge open-source software to reduce code. For very small entities and individuals. Scaleable with algorithmic optimisation and role security.

Encouraging Participation

The goal is to make ledglive easy to work with, such as by using simple database tables and network CLI reporting, and so encourage participation and growth.

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